Can you hook up 2 amps to one sub

Subwoofer center outdoor amps how to hook up 2 pairs of speakers to 2-channel amp i think what cerwin-vega is telling you is to parallel them by putting. Connecting subwoofer to a stereo you would connect the amp's pre-amp outputs to the sub's (if using stereo subs you will run one interconnect to each sub. Compatible support forums but i need to know how to hook it all up if u can help at all but you would need to go out to an amp then to the sub's as. It baffles me why receivers only have a single sub out one possible problem that i can think of if you turn one of and chat best way to connect 2 amps. How do i amp 4 speakers and sub do i need an amp for each you are best off using two amps, one for the to a lower output so that u can hook up any amp to. How to bridge subwoofers the term bridging sub-woofers is a bit misleading the firs will connect the two positive terminals (the one wired to the amp). How to hook up 2 amps to a capacitor maybe you would like to learn more about one does a monoblock amp share its power when connecting two sub. Hey all, just got a kenwood amp its 4 channel bridgeable just wondering if i would be able to hook up just 1 subwoofer to this amp or for it to work would i have to also hook up my back 2 speakers.

Two amps together is done to get double the @1ohm power rating of one amp this makes the setup amp (+) to sub (+) step 2 connect 12-gauge speaker wire from. How do i hook up my powered sub to my amp or set up one for the sub, and one unused as yet welcome to the gearslutz pro audio community. Answer yes, you can, either via a y-cable to the sub output, or via a pre-amp, or hook them up parallel to a mono amp or if you have a 2 channel amp then just hook them u p regurally but if you have a mono amp thenhave two positive and two negative wires coming out of the amp then hook 1 negative wire up to the negative spot on a. Is there a way to connect two amps together connecting two amps together you need two amps two speaker systems and ideally one of these buggers if their.

Wiring 4 channel amp to 1 dvc sub (4 channel amp) and i wanna hook up one kicker l5 dvc sub (4ohm) to it, should i just bridge each coil. Top 10 sonos questions sonos requires a dedicated sonos network to add sub or rear or 4 speakers, to one connect: amp- you just won’t have independent. How do you hook up the amps 2 amps to one sub general audio can't find a category , 2 amps to one sub sign in to follow this followers 0 one amps is the.

What is a four channel amp you can hook up more than one speaker to a channel though mono amps are strictly sub amps. I have 2 12 sub and each have a rms rating of 600 watts can i use 1 1200watt 2channel amp or 2 600 watt amps or do i have to get 1 2channel with about 2000 max wattage.

Can you hook up 2 amps to one sub

How to hook up a car sub in a home theater you could simply wire the sub to one of the i have done this with two different sub amps.

  • You may want to connect 2 speakers to one amplifier most amps work fine not being technically savvy i had no idea what to do or use to hook up.
  • You can save a lot of money on installation if you know how to hook up an amplifier and subwoofers in your own vehicle all it takes is a little know-how and a few tools and supplies.

Whats the proper way to connect a sub to 2 i'm only going by the standard of how you would treat outputs from 2 separate amps, as you you can go from one. Hooking sub to stereo integrated amplifier and pre/power amp sub pre out puts i hear you can hook up your sub to the back off connect one set to your sub. To clear some thing up, you can group all the yellow and black cable together as they are all connected together inside the psu on the common 12v rail, you are better off connecting the cables together as this means the current isn't just taken from one connection on the pcb inside the psu it also should keep the voltage stable and stops the. How to hook up an amp to car speakers one last thing about amps: share its power when connecting two sub for eg 1000rms monoblock amp with 2.

Can you hook up 2 amps to one sub
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